"Quality Professional Research & Engineering Services"

Network, Defense, Data Analytics, Technology Planning

Whatever your need, we are here to help. We provide professional network, computer, security research and engineering consulting services for a wide variety of clients. We can help you audit your current infrastructure, document and make recommendations for future growth. We can help you find potential customers and make introductions to help you sell your technology related products. We even provide subject matter expertise if you are researching in the areas of Data Analytics or Network Defense.

Consulting Services

Please review my service offerings, if you are unsure feel free to contact me directly.

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Are you working on an ongoing information security or big data research project? Do you need help meeting a deadline or would you like an expert review of your work?

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Are you planning a network roll-out, major upgrade? Are you experiencing network problems? Do you need an expert in Optical Networks, Wireless Networks, or standard LAN's?

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Do you need help prototyping a software solution or trouble shooting a bigdata analytics script? Are you looking for a third party open source code usage audit?

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Are you unfamiliar with the Open Source, Commercial, or Federal Marketplace? Are you trying to make inroads with a specific customer?